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Romantic Suspense Thriller

The Dream Chasers

by Ann Ulrich Miller



Nine gripping stories of the Dark and Grim

by Anthony Raby




We Are Among You Already compiled by Jujuolui Kuita



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We no longer accept payments through PayPal. To pay with a credit or debit card, please contact the publisher personally. Email us and we will provide you with a telephone number to call.

We still accept personal checks made out to Earth Star and sent to PO Box 267, Eckert CO 81418 


Here's your chance to scarf up all the books we have at a fantastically reduced price. It's time to make room in our warehouse (a/k/a/ garage!)

Overstock Sale

Romantic Suspense

Night of the November Moon

(by Ann Carol Ulrich)       orig. $11.95

SALE Price $2.50

Sonata Summer

(by Ann Ulrich Miller)       orig. $11.95

SALE Price $8.50

Rainbow Majesty

(by Ann Ulrich Miller)       orig. $15.00

SALE Price $8.50

The Dream Chasers

(by Ann Ulrich Miller)       orig. $15.00

SALE Price $8.50

The Mystery at Hickory Hill

(by Ann Carol Ulrich)       orig. $9.90   SALE $2.50

The Secret of the Green Paint

(by Ann Carol Ulrich)       orig. $9.90   SALE $2.50

The Pouting Pumpkin Mystery

(by Ann Carol Ulrich)       orig. $9.90   SALE $2.50

The Secret of the Green Paint

(by Ann Carol Ulrich)       orig. $9.90   SALE $2.50

Intimate Abduction

(by Ann Carol Ulrich)       orig. $6.97  SALE $2.50

Return To Terra

(by Ann Carol Ulrich)     orig. $11.95  SALE $2.50

The Light Being

(by Ann Carol Ulrich)      orig. $14.95 SALE  $8.50

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Young Adult Fiction
Annette Vetter Adventures

The Space Trilogy Fiction
by Ann Carol Ulrich

Metaphysical Books

An Empath (by Julian Joyce)       orig. $29.95

SALE Price $3.00

By the Help of the Infinite

(by Orrin William Auman)       orig. $7.95

SALE Price $2.00

Cause (A Pathway into the New Day and Life)

(by Julian Joyce)                  orig. $9.95

SALE Price $2.50

Thought (by Julian Joyce)       orig. $9.95

SALE Price $2.00

Cosmic Cooking, Healing Potions and Other Magic

(edited by Ann Ulrich Miller)       orig. $6.97

SALE Price $2.50

Memoir (New Age) Books


Throughout All Time

(by Ann Ulrich Miller)                  orig. $17.00

SALE Price $5.00

Stepping Forth (An American Girl Coming        of Age in the '60s)  (by Ann Ulrich Miller)                                                             orig. $15.00

SALE Price $5.00

Children's Books

Ancient Secrets of the Garden

 (by Verna Namy)  hardback, color illustrations

                                                   orig. $19.95

SALE Price $3.00


Due to recent issues with PayPal, we have

to do this the old-fashioned way ... with a

pen and paper, a postage stamp and envelope!

It's actually easy ...

 Write down the items you wish to purchase

and send a check made out to EARTH STAR.

Send your order to:

Earth Star Publications

PO Box 267 • Eckert, CO 81418

Your books will take about two weeks,

but probably less! We are efficient at our end!

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