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About Earth Star

Earth Star Publications began in 1987 and began offering services to help authors publish their books. In April 1987 the first issue of The Star Beacon newsletter was born and as the years passed, the little publication grew and began to reach out to people around the globe.

What We Do

In 1987 I felt the time was ripe for producing a newsletter about UFOs and people who had been in contact with them. I had coincidentally written a novel, Intimate Abduction, which I decided to publish due to my heightened interest in ufology and the desire to help people understand what this subject was all about.

Until 2012, the newsletter came out every month. I then decided to give the newsletter more pages and publish six times a year in an effort to keep costs low.

The Star Beacon's readership includes people who have had contact with extraterrestrials, or who are interested in learning more about ETs and their interest in us here on Planet Earth.

The Star Beacon is now starting its 36th year and covers a plethora of subjects. Contributors share knowledge you probably won't find anywhere else. Please visit The Star Beacon's website.


Who is Ann Ulrich Miller?


A Wisconsin native, publisher and author Ann Ulrich Miller has more than 20 books published in her name (or the name Ann Carol Ulrich before she married her soulmate in 2001). Her interest in esoteric subjects and UFOs began early in life with a few interesting experiences which she included in her memoir, Throughout All Time. She grew up in Monona, Wis. as Ann Schumacher and married Jeff Ulrich, her high school sweetheart. After graduating with a B.A. in English from Michigan State, she gave birth to her first son. The family moved to Aspen Colorado in 1977. In 1989 she met her Divine Counterpart, and after they married in 2001, they moved to southeastern Ohio. Widowed in 2008, she returned to Colorado in 2009, this time to Pagosa Springs, where she met her third husband. They moved to Washington state in 2014, but returned to Colorado a year and a half later. She is the mother of three grown sons and has one grandson. Currently she lives in western Colorado near the Grand Mesa, where she continues to write, publish and play piano and guitar.


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