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Cozy Novels

by Karen Weinant Gallob



Mystery, Suspense and Humor

Not your average Miss Marple, Alma's short-term memory fails her more often than not. Even so, she's learned a thing or two in her 91 years. She knows that nothing is as important as one's reputation in the community. Furthermore, it's clear that the bad stuff always comes in threes. Could she really be expected to remember to tell her son that she had to work her way around an annoying dead body to find her club gift? After all, the fact that Alma remembered the gift at all should keep her friends from thinking she is getting old. As they probe this community of respectable but water-reliant individuals, can mellow Sheriff Pat Garrett and his firecracker deputy McCracken discover the killer of the low-life water thief found in Alma's shed?

ISBN 978-0944851-27-2

October 2006

Paperback $14.95    Kindle ebook $6.99



Sequel to All the Bad Stuff Comes in Threes

Sheriff Pat Garrett and Deputy Leigh McCracken think finding a child's bones stuffed into one of Alma's precious dolls is bad enough, but then all billy hell breaks loose in Croysant. They'd had very little sheriffing to do in this quiet little town since the Biedermann case, but suddenly they find themselves running around like chickens with their heads cut off, dealing with fires, more skeletons, and mobs of PETA people protesting a chicken factory farm that no one seems able to locate.

ISBN 978-0944851-38-8

November 2014

Paperback $15.00    Kindle ebook $3.99


Curs, curmudgeons and cops confront

crime in Croysant

It's the dog days of summer, and Sheriff Garrett should be able to leave the hit and run behind him. He has no hard evidence that the truck seen by the Black Widders swerved intentionally to hit the animal, or attempted to hit the woman. The injured sheepdog has been successfully treated by the new vet. In fact, he has deposited the new vet and her precocious little daughter at the Peaseford Veterinary Clinic with old Doc Clary. Also, this year Croysant is the site of a hostile political campaign. He worries. Strange things happen in Croysant. After all, this is the town where the cow dog lives ... the one who climbs trees.

ISBN 978-0944851-46-3

June 2016

Paperback $11.95    Kindle ebook $5.99



When a crooked ICE agent shows up on the Romeros' doorstep, the make their perilous escape and send their teenage son to hide on his own, taking their toddler, Jesus.

The Romeros have been good neighbors in their little rural community for years, but they haven't quite gotten their papers in order. Not long after their frightening incident with the ICE agent, Sheriff Pat Garrett is notified that a corpse has been found on the property of a local rancher wearing the uniform of an ICE agent. As usual, Garrett is suspicious that things are not as they seem.

ISBN 978-0944851-57-9

October 2019

Paperback $14.00    Kindle ebook $5.99


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