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A Dog Named Ranger

by Ann Ulrich Miller


Sometimes the clown, sometimes the comforter ... Ranger is an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler of unusual intelligence and devotion who comes into the life of two people seeking a second chance in life. When his master becomes terminally ill, Ranger is right at his side till the very end. But that is not the end of the story. He still has his mistress to protect, and then two special people come into his life to help him reign over his golden years. Accompanied by color photos of Ranger's life and the companions and people who loved him.

ISBN 978-0944851-34-0

November 2012

Paperback 48 pages, color photographs   $12.00 USD

Kindle ebook $2.99


by Ann Ulrich Miller


Clara is an unusual bird who rules the Back Yard of the red-stained house in the suburb of Monona, Wisconsin. Based on a true story, this fictional account is told by "Jay," a neighborhood songbird who has become infatuated with the clumsy but beautiful white duck. Her antics, her friendships with other creatures, and conflicts with the feline predators keep everyone on their toes as Clara offers to share her feedf pan during the hard winter months, and bestows tokens of wisdom to Jay, explaining the bath tub inside the red-stained house (where it is never winter!) and her philosophy about airplanes flying overhead. A delightful short story for young and old alike, fully illustrated by the author.


ISBN 978-0944851-50-0

December 2016

Paperback 48 pages,   $7.95 USD

The Backyard of Clara the Clutz


by D J McMurry


The story of a white man who chose to live in the black world during post Civil War years, a most difficult time in history for the South. Being white, Frank Fulton was not fully accepted by his chosen people, and living in the black community was not tolerated by the Southern whites. Fulton was a man without a country, having fled his native England after killing a man and hoping to cheat the hangman's noose. The story tells of his painful childhood, wrongful incarceration in an asylum, his flight to America and his struggles to survive in the New World. Fate made Fulton a master of cunning, breaking every commandment in the Book, yet he was a moral man whose actions proved just, though often outside the law. Packed with action, emotion and will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. A period novel, but historical only incidentally.

ISBN 978-0944851-21-0

May 2004

Paperback 205 pages,   $12.95 USD Email Publisher



Black Pearls

Fractured Minds
and Lost Souls

by Anthony Raby


Nine gripping, mind-blowing stories of the Dark and Grim. Raby contends, "To write is to escape to endless imagination, to play in worlds of your own devising, to be, in a word, 'free.'" That is exactly Anthony Raby's credo as he proves that even while serving time in a military prison, expression and creativity through fiction stories and poetry is not only therapeutic, but a great accomplishment. His stirring stories are both provocative and entertaining, stimulating the imagination and not easily forgotten. Not intending to be a poet, his poetry nonetheless gushes from his pen, rich with inspiration and honest expression within his heart and mind. He feels life and has the remarkable ability to bring it forth to others through his works. This cathartic volume is only the beginning of his promising career in literature.

ISBN 978-0944851-52-4

January 2018

Paperback 168 pages      $15.00 USD

Kindle ebook $5.99


Night of the White Raven
by Ethan Miller



He left his home in Pennsylvania at the age 15, accompanied by his old Indian friend, Mr. Joe. When he reached Starved Rock that fall of 1818, he'd already killede three men. Finding refuge in a blacksmith's stable, young Nathan saved every penny he earned to make his way west. At 17, he set out with his partner, a runaway slave, in their quest for beaver and a life of freedom in the untamed West. Danger, death and the unknown stalk these brave young mountain men, yet never far away is the spectral eerie presence of a mysterious White Bird..

ISBN 978-0944851-24-1

June 2006

Paperback 322 pages      $14.95 USD

Kindle ebook $3.99


Chris Nesbit is miserable when her family moves from Milwaukee to a small town in Iowa. The first night in her new home, Chris awakens to find a figure walking out of her bedroom. Her parents don't believe her. Then Chris meets Wendy and her brother Skip and she agrees to join Wendy's detective club. The root cellar in the Nesbits' basement is off limits, but the girls are curious and want to explore it. The neighbor man, Mr. North, is Wendy's favorite "suspect," but Chris isn't convinced the old man deserves to be spied on, but she'll go along with the game. That is, until two overly friendly adults from the West Coast are too curious about the Nesbits' house. The girls sense there is more to their agenda that genealogy research. A tornado warning forces the kids to shelter in the root cellar one afternoon, which convinces them there is foul play in the air.

ISBN 978-0944851-41-8

June 2015

Paperback 150 pages      $8.95 USD

Kindle ebook $2.99

The Root Cellar Mystery
by Ann Carol Ulrich


Ancient Secrets in the Garden
by Verna Namy


In an enchanted garden by the sea, Jennifer encounters fairies from near and far. Meet Ismar, Aswad, Jolly Bee, Shaheen, Pamjam and others, who teach Jennifer how to use herbs in different ways. A treasure for both young and old. The ancient secrets of herbs, flowers and tea are revealed in this colorful, beautifully illustrated children's book. Recipes are included.


ISBN 978-0944851-18-0

October 2001

Hardback, 32 pages    $7.95 USD

Available! Please email for more information


BaBa Ali and His Magical Pajamas
by Verna Namy




The story of BaBa Ali and His Magical Pajamas depicts a small portion of life and culture in Iran, where the author resided many years ago. Many people wear loose-fitting, eleastic-waist, pajama-type pants at home. Since tea is the popular drink at home, it is often served in small glass tea glasses, offered with pieces of cubed sugar. Islamic women keep their hair covered by wearing a headscarf or other form of head covering. The name BaBa is the word used for Daddy or Father, and BeBe is often used for Grandmother.


ISBN 978-0944851-15-9

October 1998

Paperback, 32 pages      $7.95 USD

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Hilarious and heartwarming, anyone who has ever owned a parakeet will be amazed at this extraordinary bird, who obviously considered himself a "human" member of the Basler family, and probably never realized he was a bird. Full-color photos and illustrations make this a treasure to own and a pleasure to give as a gift to an animal lover.

Includes photographs and illustrattions by Brad Baser

ISBN 978-0944851-12-8

October 1997

Paperdback, 70 pages      $7.95 USD

Available! Please email for more information

by Betty Basler Barboza

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