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Annette Vetter Adventure #1

The Mystery at Hickory Hill

Annette Vetter Adventure #3

"What are you doing here?" demanded Dave, a frightful glare in his eyes.
Annette had heard his voice, and froze inside the camper. She realized the door was open, and she wondered if he had noticed it yet. She immediately extinguished the safari lamp, then crept toward the doorway.

      It's Homecoming at Ravensville High. Annette is hoping Pete Randt will ask her to the dance, but he is just too darn shy. With Halloween only two weeks away, the girls have set up a pumpkin stand to raise money to buy their horse.

      But a drug ring has descended upon rural Ravensville, with kids dropping left and right.

Meanwhile, Pete's older cousin Luke arrives for an extended visit ... and he's got his eye on Annette!

Time travel back to the Sixties with Annette Vetter and her friends. The first book takes place while the girls are on vacation. But soon they will be back in their Wisconsin hometown, where mysteries galore await them!       


An excerpt from Chapter 13 - The Pumpkin's Secret

      “Now, how about an explanation from you?” Annette prompted Tim. “Can you help us at all? Do you know anything that might help us capture Dave?”

      He let out a sigh, then said, “We were pretty good friends there... for a while.”

      “I’ll say.” Penny grunted. “And we were worried about it. You’d never talk to anybody... just stick around with that lazy no-good.”

      “What do you mean for a while?” asked Annette.

      “Yesterday morning, I found out why we were such good friends,” said Tim. “We were in the barn, and Dave gave me some grass to pass out to all my friends.”

      Penny gasped.

      “It wasn’t just marijuana either,” said Tim, “but hashish and some other junk. I was amused at first, but then I got what he was driving at. And he was dead serious. He wanted me to help sell the stuff for him.”

      “I knew it,” said Penny.

      “Go on,” urged Annette.

      Tim continued, “I knew he had been experimenting with drugs. He frequently mentioned trips and getting high, but I never caught on that he was trying to use me... until yesterday. I told him I’d stay quiet if he just left.”

      “Gosh,” breathed Penny.

      “So that’s why I think you two should just stay out of his way,” said Tim. “If you’re caught or something, Dave’ll think I opened my mouth and then something might happen to me.”

      “You don’t mean that,” protested Annette.

      “I do mean it.”

      “Well, are you afraid of Dave?”

      Tim began to squirm. “All I know is, Dave’s only a small part of something larger... much larger. I’ve stayed long enough.” He started walking toward the shortcut to the road through the woods. “Remember what I told you,” he called back.

      “Annette, what are we gonna do?” asked Penny.

      “We’ve still got time before we have to get ready for the dance, don’t we?” Annette glanced at the sky, to see where the sun was. She guessed it was two-thirty or three.

      “Time to do what?”

      “Go see if the camper’s still in the woods.”

      “I suppose,” mumbled Penny. “But...”

      “Then, let’s go!”


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