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Romantic Suspense Novels

by Ann Ulrich Miller


Romantic suspense thriller set in southern Colorado with a paranormal theme

Haunted in dreams by her dead sister, B.J. Martin faces outrageous challenges after risking everything she owns to start a new business. Handling each stumbling block with courage and conviction, she faces a burglary and break-in, stalkers, spies, accusations of bigotry, vehicle disasters, along with tackling the cold case murder of her sister involved in a drug cartel. A devastating divorce has left her leery of men. Yet, when Grant Tucker, rival publisher of the valley's daily newspaper, takes more than a casual interest in her, B.J. finds she can no longer distinguish between betrayal and the possibility that she could still have it all.

ISBN 978-0944851-56-2

November 2018

Paperback $15.00    Kindle ebook $5.99


Struck down by her fiancé's death in Iraq,

and now the loss of her mother ...

Juniper Sutton searches the meaning of life. A letter, followed by a phone call from an aunt she didn't know existed, beckons Juniper to a secluded resort in the mountains of Colorado. Hoping to seek answers to her father's death 22 years prior -- and wanting to escape feeling cornered by a relationship she doesn't want -- Juniper accepts the invitation and leaves Kansas for the Rocky Mountains. Upon arrival, Juniper is befriended by6 two men employed by her aunt at the lodge. Wes, with good looks and sensitivity, draws her with his charm. Drake, more of the mountain man type, leaves her confused. Aunt Rosalee's down-home charm touches Juniper's heart, even while she is thrust into a new way of thinking and encounters extraordinary people and ideas at the Rainbow Majestic Lodge, a healing and light center.

ISBN 978-0944851-32-6

July 2010

Paperback $15.00    Kindle ebook $4.99


Last summer in Aspen ...

Rhea fell in love with Parker Sherwin while on scholarship at the Aspen Music Festival. But her dreams were shattered one week before their wedding, when a forest fire claimed Parker's life. Unable to leave the one place she'd found happiness, Rhea remains in Aspen and struggles through the winter as a "local." Enrolled for her second summer at the Aspen Music School, Rhea meets Trey Michaels, an outfitter, but she insists on remaining faithful to Parker, whose spirit jogs at her side during her daily runs along the Rio Grande Trail. She doesn't dare tell anyone that she shares conversations with her unseen lover.

ISBN 978-0944851-35-7

May 2012

Paperback $11.95    Kindle ebook $2.99

by Ann Carol Ulrich

Lost love returns, but obsession lurks in a haunted manor. A lucid dream and synchronous assignment lead the young, recently widowed Winnie Grant to the exquisite Pelton Manor estate, the home of her lost love, Rob Pelton. Reunited by a chance encounter, the two rekindle the flames of their adolescent past. But the haunted manor hides a chilling secret of death and betrayal.

ISBN 978-0944851-17-3

November 1999

Paperback $11.95    Kindle ebook $4.99

Night of the
November Moon



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