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Annette Vetter Adventure #1

The Mystery at Hickory Hill

Annette Vetter Adventure #7

Unexpected events disrupt Annette's hopes for a leisurely Easter vacation at the Parkers' lake house in Minocqua, Wisconsin, starting with the questionable death of a fisherman and three unruly youths wreaking havoc in the area.

      Wherever Annette goes, there seems to be a mystery to solve, with plenty of trouble for the girls to get into. While staying at her aunt and uncle's lake house in Minocqua, Annette, Penny and Ruby discover that cousin Fern has a secret boyfriend staying in an abandoned cabin across the lake. He has been keeping an eye on three unruly youths who have been wreaking havoc in the area.

Meanwhile, Ruby's Missing-in-Action father, back from Vietnam, drives across the country in search of a new life and to get his kids back.

Time travel back to the Sixties with Annette Vetter and her friends. The seventh book takes place over Spring Break in beautiful Minocqua, Wisconsin, where the girls don't have far to look to find trouble.   .....


An excerpt from Chapter 18 - Attacked!

      "We've got to inform the police,” said Penny. “What happened to that squad car with the flashing lights?”

      “It drove farther down this road,” said Fern. “It’s long gone by now. Come on, you two, the best thing we can do now is join Ruby and her father and get back to the lake house.”

      With a sigh, Annette gripped the rifle in her left hand and joined her cousin and her friend and they walked as fast as they could in the direction of the lake. All three were shivering from the cold night air, not to mention exhausted and hungry. “Bob’s car is just a little ways,” Fern reassured her.

      A thrashing sound came from some nearby bushes along the roadside. Then they all heard a loud grunt and some heavy breathing sounds. Annette’s pulse skyrocketed and both Fern and Penny screamed. Annette then saw the big hulk of black bear emerge from the brush, hunched over and staggering a bit, but it was headed right for them.

      “That bear is injured,” cried Fern.

      “Run, Annette!” Penny screamed.

      She wasn’t even sure the rifle in her hand was loaded. Annette had never shot a rifle before, but knew she had to take the risk and hope there was a cartridge in the chamber. She backed up against a tree and lifted the firearm to her right shoulder. There was no time to look through the sights and aim. With a sob in her throat, Annette held the rifle and pointed it at the shuffling bear, then squeezed the trigger, clenching her teeth and closing her eyes.


      Terror seized Annette and she froze. Penny and Fern were yelling, and the bear was four feet in front of her, but something was wrong with it. She saw a mass of blood on its snout and chest area as ropes of drool streamed from its horrible mouth.

      “Annette! Don’t move!” somebody shouted. It was a man’s voice.

      The next thing she heard was an explosion of gunfire. The black bear lurched in front of her. Another deafening shot rang out and the bear dropped to the ground just inches from her feet. The useless rifle dropped from her hands as Annette’s head swam and she blacked out.  ........


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