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Sample Chapter from
Throughout All Time
A Cosmic Love Story

by Ann Ulrich Miller


Part One

Drifting on the Cosmic Wind



      The story began long before September 1988, but that is when things began to crystallize. I was a busy 36-year-old mother of three active sons, married to my high school sweetheart. Jeff worked for the Forest Service out of Delta, Colorado, which had been our home for three years. Our youngest, Scott, was still in diapers and soon to turn 3.

      I struggled to divide my life between a part-time job, a house that never allowed me to catch up with daily chores, a family that demanded my constant attention, a hopeful writing career, and my esoteric life -- which seemed to operate somewhat in an unseen dimension.

      At the time I thought I was okay. I’d always thrived on being busy. Despite the fact I rarely had any time to myself -- to write, to play music, or to have any fun at all -- I thought I was doing the best I could considering the circumstances. Stress, after all, was a part of living in the ’80s. Everybody had stress. Nobody escaped it.

      Taking on the burdens of the household alone had been my choice. Years ago I had given up even asking for help, simply because it was easier for me just to do everything myself rather than nag my husband or argue with a child. A lot of it, I suppose, had to do with the fact I had been raised in a family of six children. Being the oldest daughter meant I was expected to pull more than my share. If I didn’t have a dish towel in my hand or wasn’t running the vacuum over the carpet, I was conditioned to feel guilty.

      Writing was my love since I can remember. I sold my first short story to a magazine when I was 15. By that time I had finished my first novel and was working on the second. Over the next two decades I pursued my dream of being a published author while following the traditional lifestyle of marriage and children.

      Although I had managed to get some articles and a few short stories into print, I wasn’t having any luck finding the right publisher for my novels, which numbered eight. I figured it was time to self-publish one of my books. I set myself up in business as a book publisher and registered my trade name, Earth Star Publications, with the State of Colorado. Intimate Abduction, the first novel in my Space Trilogy, was timely according to what was going on in my life in 1988.

      In late 1983 I had met Jackie Blue from Glenwood Springs, Colorado, when I interviewed her for an article I wrote for the Snowmass Village Sun on the UFO Contact Center. We became friends and my interest in UFOs -- which had been placed on the back burner, so to speak -- was rekindled.

      After attending my first UFO Contact Center meeting in early January 1984, I was impressed by the stories of the people in attendance. It was as if a cosmic alarm clock had gone off. I began to awaken spiritually. Up till then, since my family had moved to Colorado and the Aspen area in 1978, I had been slowly gaining interest in metaphysical subjects, but UFOs really spurred me on.

      I began having experiences which included frequent sightings of UFOs in the skies around El Jebel, Colorado, at night and sometimes during the day. Night paralysis and possible “visits” blocked from my conscious memory disturbed my sleep. I kept track of it all in my journal and shared what was happening to me with Jackie and my new group of friends.

      That year, 1984, was significant in that I learned so much and had a lot of unexplained things happen to me. In July I attended my first UFO conference at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, with Jackie Blue, Jim Middleton and my two sons, who were 8 and 4 at the time.

      We had quite a mystical experience late one night out at the Pat McGuire ranch north of Laramie. In subsequent years I would discover, under regressive hypnosis and through an awakening given by Arda Reeves, a master of awakenings, that I had contact with one of my extraterrestrial guides, and that I made a decision that night -- a decision I had agreed on before incarnating -- and in five years that plan would begin to unfold in order for me to fulfill my mission.

      The decision involved a sacrifice on my part. It would become necessary for me to be separated for a while from my children. However, I would be reunited with my Special One. All of this was blocked from my conscious mind until years later, after the story I am about to relate.

      You’ll find the detailed experience at the McGuire ranch that fateful July night in 1984 in the appendix about my UFO experiences at the end of this book.

      No way could I have imagined on that September morning in 1988 how much the publication of this first novel -- which was part of the cosmic plan -- would alter the course of my life.

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