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We Are Among You


True Stories of Star Beings on Earth


"There is no proof. There are no authorities whatsoever. No president, no academy, court of law, congress or senate on this earth has the power or the knowledge to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow.”                           -- Wilhelm Reich


      In June of 2009, I was sitting in my lounge chair, enjoying the warm sun and a special book. I am always reading some non-fiction book, and this one really had my attention. I believe it was a Kryon book and my frequency was being elevated from the information I was reading. All of a sudden, mid-paragraph in the book, I received an “assignment” from my people, the Faquians. It was a second-long, telepathic message, including both verbal and visual communication. They said, “Organize a book containing the personal stories of Starseeds and ET Hybrids incarnated on Earth. This will help other Starseeds awaken, unite Earth’s Star family and help expand the minds of Humanity.”

      I froze while receiving this message from my people. I carefully placed the bookmark where I stopped reading and was excited to return to it once I finished this communication. I put the book down and said, “What!? How am I going to do that? I have never organized a book before.” Before I could finish my sentence, I received additional input, “Call Cynthias,” they said, “we will co-create the book with you.” (Cynthias is a close friend of mine, who is also a Hybrid.)

      I instantly knew at that point that it would be done because I could see the book already created in my third eye. So I said back to them, “Okay, but after I read this book.”

Wrong answer! “Call Cynthias!” they emphasized.

      So I immediately got up, walked to the phone, called my very good friend, and it all started from that moment. Six months later, we have compiled 18 stories from those Starbeings who were guided to be a part of this outreach project.


      Main societies concern themselves with “First Contact” from an Extraterrestrial race. The funny thing is, depending on who you ask, first contact happened long ago and many times over! What experience would you qualify as “First Contact”? That may sound like a silly question, but what type of event would you consider “contact”? The definition is different for each person.

      It would be wise for people to drop the expectation of ETs coming in their huge ships and landing near major cities of the world (as the TV series “V” portrays). This may actually happen one day, but we are here to inform the people of Earth—we are among you already!

      There is a Universal Law that opposes the direct interference of a species by a more evolved and advanced race of beings. It is Universal law that a free-will species develops on its own, unless assistance is asked for by the majority of their group consciousness. Therefore, we could not just land on Earth in our huge ships and merge into Society, the people of Earth are not ready. We have to incarnate among Earth Humans in order to help without violating the Universal Law of Non-interference.


      This book is a compilation of very personal, individual, life stories from those who are Awakened Starseeds. A Starseed, or Starbeing, is a being who lives on Earth, but whose soul is of Extraterrestrial (ET) identity and origin. This self-awareness and knowledge of having ET origins is what we call being awakened. Awakening to one’s true self is a very personal, spiritual and self-empowering journey. This path is most often lonely, challenging and not understood nor supported by mainstream society.

      Included in this book is my own story, listed under my Star name Jujuolui Kuita. My people from Faqui, known as the Faquian Council, telepathically assisted me along the journey of compiling this book. The Council members are: Jer-mi, Jo-sah-fi, Kayac-tah and myself (Jujuolui). I am the Council’s Earth representative. As I worked with each story, I could feel the energy of my people and something surprised me—I also felt the energies of some of the Starbeings’ people helping me! I was delighted by their contributions. Some of the ETs or Spirit guides that were helping had very strong energy! I had to take many breaks.


      Starseeds have incarnated in various ways on Earth and appear very Human, to the average person. This was deliberately intended! Starbeings normally plan on integrating into society, becoming enculturated to fit in, while working on their missions. If Starbeings physically looked more like ETs, society might not allow them into Human culture, but instead, they could end up in a museum, a freak show, killed by fearful Humans, or worse -- taken to a secret government lab. If you have seen movies like District 9, you will understand this better. Because of the Universal Law of Non-Intervention, Starbeings have their best chance to help in the ascension process by incarnating among the Humans.

      There is a common theme among Starbeings, such as believing they are adopted, feeling that Earth is not “home,” knowing they are different than others, having an invisible friend as a child, having metaphysical abilities that other people don’t seem to have, speaking or writing in a different language, having vivid “dreams” of being an ET, being on another planet or within a ship and feeling love and empathy for all life forms. Starbeings are also not comfortable or able to understand violence, war, hate, prejudice, fear and the negative treatment of other life in general. Commonly, they have very open minds and more easily accept esoteric ideas. (See the “New ET Quiz” created by researcher and Starseed Scott Mandelker, under “Last Thoughts.”)

      Starseeds can also be genetic Hybrids, which is a mixture of Human and ET DNA. Only with psychic abilities, or training and a keen eye, can one tell the difference between a Human and a Starseed. Some ET DNA produce dominant traits and may be visible in a person’s physical characteristics, whether a Starseed is a Hybrid or not. We are still learning what those specific traits are, since it is a limitless gene pool that started at the beginning of Human creation. ETs have come to Earth from every corner of this Galaxy, from other Galaxies and even other Dimensions. They consist of all different types and species. Some of them are known to Earth people, most of them are not. Some of them even live within Earth herself.

      There is much confusion about Hybrids. Even in the field of Ufology it remains “taboo” among many researchers. Many have problems with this concept in Ufology, since it is not something they can prove, yet. There are many ways of creating a Hybrid body. The body is considered a “container for the soul” and may be genetically created by an ET species or by the secret military (sometimes in cooperation with another ET species). This may be accomplished as a result of an ET contact experience or by the more nefarious military abduction (MILAB). Simply put, geneticists combine the DNAs by a type of gene-splicing technology and “Petri dish.” “Genetic engineering can enable the transport of genes between unrelated organisms (transgenesis) or related organisms (cisgenesis) that would otherwise be unable to occur naturally, due to differences in anatomy or the incorrespondence between the DNA structures.” 1

      The body can even be manipulated by geneticists during gestation or after the being is born, usually at a young age. They can determine which genes to activate and which ones to keep inactive. The results are quite endless. Some species are more compatible to genetically mix than others. The Insectoid species, for example, like the Grays and Praying Mantis beings, faced many challenges while creating a healthy Human Hybrid because their genes are not compatible with the mammalian species. Many Insectoid Hybrids suffer with weaker immune systems and have small, frail bodies, but have many psychic abilities and are very intelligent.

      The Reptoid species, on the other hand, is a much better DNA match for Humans because Humans already have Reptilian DNA (brain stem and tail to name a few), in their genetics. Reptilian Hybrids are known to be more athletic, healthy, strong, and live longer lives, but seem to be more challenged with their ego and with “negative” emotions.

      The best DNA mixture, of course, is with other Humanoid species, such as those from the Pleiades. These are by no means the only types of ETs that are incarnating on Earth or creating Hybrids. Genetic engineering programs are a very realistic and a serious professional field among many, many ET species.


      Most of the Starbeings’ stories were collected by interview method while asking questions from a created questionnaire by the Compiler. Each Starbeing was requested to only share what they knew to be true and to share as much as they felt was appropriate for the book. Some beings were told by their Star families not to discuss certain things at this time while others were encouraged to share their knowledge at this time.

      Each story was recorded, transcribed and edited for brevity and clarity before going to the publisher. Each being was sent their edited story to make any desired changes and to finally approve their story. The intention of writing each story this way was to give an intimate feeling into each Starbeing’s life and to keep the vibration of this book at its highest. Some of their stories include references to their own books, DVDs, music or services and businesses only because it was relevant to their stories. There was no intention, nor allowance, for self-promotions which would only diminish the vibration of the book.

      Each story stands alone and is listed under the Starseed’s name (or pseudonym). They are not placed in order of importance or ranking of any kind. The Starbeings in this book range in age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality and more. For the most part, each Starbeing chose a pseudonym to protect themselves from unwanted discrimination or harassment in their lives. They are each awakened, but not necessarily “Out of the Closet” to co-workers, parents, friends or the children in their lives.

      You will read how each Starbeing is very different from the next and each has their own life perspective. They do not all agree or see things the same way and there is much diversity between each story. The key to remember when reading these stories is to be aware of how you feel about what you are reading. Feelings are your own keys to what is right for you. Try to remain open-minded and open-hearted!


      Listed at the bottom of each story, the Starbeings have remarked on books, movies, websites or people that were significant to them. This was intended to help you in your own research if you connected with a being’s story. Most importantly and respectfully, each Starbeing has left a way to be contacted, usually by email. This was intended to allow you the ability to connect with the Starbeing(s). Most of the emails were deliberately created just for the readers of this book and were created under pseudonyms for their protection. Feel welcomed to contact them! If you have any trouble using one of the email addresses or in getting a response, please email me:


      The stories in this book are not trying to convince you, convert you or prove anything to you. Your own beliefs and understandings are respected. We do not wish to change you, only offer you information. Most Starbeings have moved beyond the need for proof as they evolve spiritually. Proof is a matter of perception and it is weighed differently for everyone. Proof or belief in something only comes from within yourself, so use discernment; it is your best tool in life. Your intuition will guide you to your own truth, when you listen. Think for yourself. Follow your heart and inner guidance. Question everything!


      “Trust, but verify.”   --  Ronald Reagan’s signature phrase


To our Starseed readers:

      The intention for sharing our stories is to assist you in furthering your own awakening and connect you to other Star family on Earth. Some of you may be questioning your off-world origins or it may never have occurred to you that you might be a Starseed. Spirit has guided you to this book and you can benefit greatly in expanding your consciousness when reading these stories with an open mind. You may also find answers to your unexplained experiences. Be ready to explore your truth and set your intentions before you begin reading. Once you allow the information into your consciousness, you are on a new path, a path of awakening. Ask your guides to be with you and assist you on this journey, they know you best. Each Starbeing included personal contact information at the end of their story so that we may be of even greater service to you. We each welcome you to contact us for any respectful and sincere reason. Please remember, Starseeds, self-discovery is very empowering and every life form is equally valued by Source. The intention of awakening is not to separate yourself from others, but to evolve.

      I wish to share with you a powerful mantra, a protective shield to use daily and before you read on:


I am a sovereign being

exercising free will as I ascend the spiral of Spirit;

I intend that the Higher Purpose be served and

that the Light prevail...”   2


To our Human soul readers:

      We thank you for having the courage and desire to learn by picking up this book. It, too, was guided to you for a reason. This does not mean that you must believe everything you read, that is blind faith. We wish that you read everything with discretion. Take what you feel is true and disregard the rest.

      Every soul is created from Source, but there are unfathomable amounts of “soul groups” that have taken their own paths of soul-evolution. The Human soul group of Earth, and Earth herself, both sent out an S.O.S. call to Starbeings everywhere, to assist in their ascension. Please remember, no soul is greater than nor less than another. We need everyone working together to complete Mission Earth. Our intention for sharing our stories with you is to present information to you that may help expand your mind to new realities and broaden your perceptions. We wish to be called brother and sister to you, not Alien.


      “I believe (and hope), that I speak for each Starbeing in this book when I say that we place ourselves alongside Humankind, not above and not below. We especially discourage being idolized in any way. We are all equal in importance and we have a mission to accomplish together; to see Earth and all sentient life upon her, into the next phase of evolution!”                                                                                    — Jujuolui, The Compiler


You must be the change that you wish to see in the world"

— Mahatma Gandhi


      Marcia Schafer once so eloquently stated: We were born as part of a mass contingency, we decided to be here at a time to help in a strategic turn-around on this Planet. Let go of mediocracy, let go of being a sheeple, become self-empowered and remember who you are!


      “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

-- Robert F. Kennedy, 1966 Speech


No problem can be solved from the same

level of consciousness that created it.”

— Albert Einstein

The Compiler, Dec. 2009



1 -- Sustaining Life. Oxford University Press, Inc. 2008. ISBN 978-0-19-517509-7


2 -- From Speakers of the Sirian High Council, “No more Secrets, No more Lies,” by Patricia Cori.

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