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INTRODUCING ... The Annette Vetter Series . . .


          Meet Annette, a 15-year-old girl from west-central Wisconsin. The time period is the late 1960s. The location is a small farm town in Jackson County with the fictional name of Ravensville. Annette and her widowed mother live on 40 wooded acres. Annette's collie is Ginger, and she keeps busy taking acre of the chickens and her two cows, Elizabeth and Alice. Just down the road lives Annette's best friend, Penny Duncan, and Penny's older brother Tim. Life is anything but dull in this modest part of rural American. While Penny has a talent for the piano, and Tim is known as a lady's man at the high school ... Annette, well ... Annette doesn't know what she wants to be. But she does have a knack for sniffing up mysteries and solving them. But it often leads her, along with her friends, into danger. Life is anything but dull since as soon as she solves one mystery, the next one appears. Travel back into the Sixties, where life was less complicated and slower paced. Oh sure, there were plenty of upsets in that time period, but anyone nostalgic for those times will enjoy following Annette's exciting life!



Annette Vetter Adventure #1
The Mystery at Hickory Hill

A gunshot reverberated in the air at the same time a bullet sprayed dirt up from the ground just in front of Annette. Glancing up, she saw Paulo Volivar sitting on his horse at the edge of the cliff...

While visiting a ranch in the Cochetopa Hills of Colorado, Annette and her best friend Penny get more than they bargained for when their new friend, Mandy, leads them on horseback into forbidden territory. A miss professor, a suspicious yellow envelope, and a mysterious old mountain man are the ingredients for mystery, adventure and a spark of romance, in this Sixties era introduction to the Annette Vetter Adventure series.

ISBN 978-0944851-25-8

192 pages, Order paperback $9.95

Kindle ebook $2.99


Annette Vetter Adventure #2
The Secret of the Green Paint

          The only light came from a street lamp that poured in through the bedroom window. As Annette's eyes adjusted, she saw John Hilgert asleep in his bed, his knees drawn up under the blankets, and the pillow cushioned over his head. Suddenly, something struck Annette as being very odd. If John Hilgert was sleeping, why wasn't there any sound... any breathing?

          New faces at Ravensville High include the boy on the farm down the road, who has Annette in a quiver, and the new girl in her Art class. Chris Hilgert's family problems lead Annette into involvement with murder and Sue Hilgert's psycho boyfriend. Will Chris and Sue's father turn out to be the famous landscape artist, Jean Ilgér? And what is sp special about that mysterious paint Chris talks about using for her art project?

ISBN 978-0944851-

28-9    September 2007

196 pages, paperback $9.95 (email publisher)

Order Kindle ebook $2.99


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Annette Vetter Adventure #3

The Pouting Pumpkin Mystery

          It's Homecoming at Ravensville High,and Annette and Penny are both longing to get asked to the big dance. Annette's hopes center around Pete Randt, who seems on the verge of asking her, but is just too darn shy.

          It's Homecoming at Ravensville High, and Annette and Penny are both longing to get asked to the big dance. Annette's hopes center around Pete Randt, who seems on the verge of asking her, but is just too darn shy. The trees are in their peak with autumn color and Halloween is only two weeks away. The girls have set up a pumpkin stand on the front porch to raise money to buy a horse. But a drug ring has descended upon rural Ravensville, with kids dropping left and right. Meanwhile, Pete's older cousin Luke arrives for an extended visit ... and he's got his eye on Annette.

ISBN 978-0944851-30-2    July 2008

160 pages, paperback $9.95 (email publisher)

Order Kindle ebook $2.99


Annette Vetter Adventure #4

The Legend of the Lantern

         When Annette and Penny agree to babysit the Randt children while their mother is in the hospital with the new baby, a freak November snowstorm keeps them at the farm for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

         And as if poachers during hunting season aren't annoying enough, a ghost in the attic has everyone edge. Spending an extra night in Pete Randt's house is Annette's chance to prove the identify of the mysterious Man with the Lantern, whether he's human ... or a ghost.

ISBN 978-0944851-33-3    November 2011

192 pages, paperback $9.95 (email publisher)

Order Kindle ebook $2.99

Annette Vetter Adventure #5

In the Shadow of the Tower

         "No, I've told you ... I haven't seen my sister in years," said Uncle Will. "And if my nephew is running from the law, then there just has to be a mistake. I can't imagine him being in any sort of trouble."

         But Ruby knew. Uncle Will only knew what they had told him. Terry had brought her to Madison, all the way from Colorado, in order for her to be safe. He made Uncle Will swear not to tell anyone where he was going.

ISBN 978-0944851-42-5    October 2015

232 pages, paperback $9.95

Order Kindle ebook $3.99

Annette Vetter Adventure #6

The Ground Hog Mystery

        The Valentines Dance is coming up. Annette knows that Pete is expecting her to ask him, yet she wants to ask Penny's brother Tim instead.

        Everyone is tired of winter and hoping the ground hog won't see his shadow, Meanwhile, look out! Livestock rustlers are in the area. Also, Ruby's nightmares are growing worse, causing the Vetter family some concern. Stranger yet, her dreams seem to have this weird connection to a "Missing in Action" American pilot in Vietnam.

ISBN 978-0944851-42-5    October 2015

232 pages, paperback $9.95

Order Kindle ebook $3.99

Annette Vetter Adventure #7

Spring Break at the Lake House

        While Annette and Penny and Ruby spend their spring bfeak at the Parkers' lake house in Minocqua, Wis., unexpected events disrupt their hopes for a leisurely Easter vacation.

        Meanwhile, back from Vietnam and still recovering from his ordeal. Ruby's Missing in Action father drives across the country in search of a new life and getting his kids back.

ISBN 978-0944851-49-4    June 2017

192 pages, paperback $9.95

Order Kindle ebook $4.99

Annette Vetter Adventure #8

Prom Night

        Life continues on the Vetter farm where Annette's dream of having a family includes not only her mom, her half brother and adopted sister Ruby, but now Bob, the recently returned Air Force veteran.

        At Penny's sixteenth birthday party, the upcoming prom is the subject of discussion. Annette wonders why Tim hasn't asked her yet. Penny is concerned about Pete giving her lots of expensive jewelry. At school, the new boy in Annette's art class boldly asks her to prom. As if that isn't confusing enough, a homeless man has been camping out in the Vetters' woods and federal agents appear to be surveilling their property.

ISBN 978-0944851-60-9    August 2020

264 pages, paperback $9.95

Order Kindle ebook $4.99

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