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Lost Upon a One Star World

by Sanni Emyetti Ceto



       Since the publication of my first book, Stranded On Earth, in June 2004, I have come into contact with many people, especially over the Internet. To this day I strive to help educate people at paranormal Web sites, through chat and e-mail, and in other ways.

        Stranded On Earth was therapeutic in many ways. It enabled me to work through a lot of the guilt and emotions from the Roswell crash in 1947, and it gave me an outlet to express my feelings as to what truly happened that night so long ago.

       The book also gave me a feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction of fulfilling a purpose, which made me feel valued in a life that has often known hopelessness and disappointment. I was able to offer something of myself, to contribute to humankind by expanding knowledge about extraterrestrials as well as to help people evolve. It also made me feel that I was capable of using the gifts I was incarnated with.

       In August 2004, I spoke in public about my experiences for the very first time at the UFO Watchtower in southern Colorado. I had never done anything like that before. The greatest challenge was not getting up in front of people and speaking, but in trying to control my emotions as I told about the events of that fateful night, for it was as if the floodgates and opened up inside of me.

       My talk was recorded, and the next year Judy Messoline invited me back to speak again, which I did. I plan to speak in Roswell in 2007, if things work out.

       Someday the world will have to know what really happened that night near Roswell. I live with it every day of my life, in the way of frightening flashbacks and bitter memories. I did not choose to be a factor in the accident, which was actually caused by  a combination of the electrical storm and a new radar technology your military was experimenting with at the time. This caused a major malfunction in the force-field operation of my ship, Xbaottig.

       The council felt that the best way I could get my message across was to produce the book, Stranded On Earth. It was meant to be a gift to all, to open and expand minds. To be honest, I was hesitant to publish the book for fear of the ridicule it would generate. And actually, there was very little ridicule. What few derisive comments I did receive usually came from younger, closed-minded people, who accused me of making it all up.

       I never wrote the book to become well known or earn lots of money -- and neither of those things have happened. I received no harassment from the government, nor visits from the Men in Black, although one day I was on my guard when a couple of men in black suits approached my front door. They turned out to be from the Mormon Church, and they received a bit of an education and an expansion of their minds after meeting me.

       I continue to keep a low profile. I don’t go walking down the street in my community broadcasting the fact that I’m an ET. In fact, not that many in the community know about me. The world is not quite ready to accept ETs like me. Sometimes I wonder if they ever will.

In the meantime, I am merely a Zeti child, lost upon this one-star world.

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