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Ann Ulrich Miller


Earth Star has a new website!
          Welcome to EARTH STAR PUBLICATIONS, the place where readers of esoteric subjects meet. But there is more than just esoterica here! Join me on this amazing adventure with all your favorite novels, short stories, nonfiction, and more. I’m here to help you discover fascinating new ideas and stories ... for all ages and all interests ... and even inspire you to write your own.

          Earth Star became a publishing company back in 1987, when it sent out its very first issue of a metaphysical newsletter called The Star Beacon. It was a monthly newsletter for many years, mainly about UFOs, and it grew and picked up more readers as months and years went by.  Since 2012 it is published just six times a year, but there are more pages.

          The Star Beacon has its own separate website now, which you can visit to find out what's in all of the issues that have been archived since 1997. Not all articles are available yet, but it's a huge project covering 35 years. Check it out at

          I want to keep this blog readably short as I know most of you, like myself, have better things to do than endure somebody's lengthy blog. We live in a society where we want our info, and we want it now ... but we don't want it unbearably lengthy.

          I like writing novels (which are not brief), and I like taking the time to read other people's novels. Novels are my love. I like how you can cuddle up with a book and just fall into it and lose yourself. That's what I hope happens when readers get hold of mine.
          Anyway, have fun browsing this website ... and check back later. Hopefully by then, I'll have mastered how to set up a blog on this website! (Suggestions are welcome!)

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