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Annette Vetter Adventure #1

The Mystery at Hickory Hill

Annette Vetter Adventure #8

Annette wonders why Tim has not yet asked her to Prom. All of her friends are going and she is growing worried. Then, a new boy in her art class asks her to go with him, and she soon regrets not saying no!

      Life continues on the Vetter farm in rural Ravensville, Wisconsin, where Annette's dream of having a family includes not only her mother, her half brother and adopted sister Ruby, but now Bob, the recently returned Air Force veteran from Vietnam.

      At Penny's 16th birthday party, the topic of the upcoming prom comes up. Annette wonders why Tim hasn't asked her yet. The new boy in her art class would like to take her, but Annette can't stand him.

      Meanwhile, strange occurrences on the Vetter property include a homeless man camping in the woods and Bob's paranoia with government cars parked on the road just outside the Vetters' woods.

Time travel back to the Sixties with Annette Vetter and her friends. The eighth book takes place in May with the Junior Prom on everyone's minds. This is Annette's most dangerous encounter with crime.   .....


An excerpt from Chapter 4 - An Invitation

      "Hey," said Tony, reaching over and touching Annette’s arm, “I won’t bite. Did I embarrass you?”

      Annette composed herself and managed a smile. “No,” she lied.

      “Good,” said Tony. “I’m new here. I don’t know a lotta kids yet.”

      Annette looked at him more closely. He was actually not bad-looking. He had curly black hair and deep brown eyes. He was not a real big guy, just average, but his nose was large and had a slight bend. He had thick lips and his skin complexion was really tan. She wondered if he was Italian or Greek, though he had a Polish last name. “Where are you from?” she managed to ask.

      “I’m from Minneapolis,” said Tony. “Is my sister in any of your classes?”

      “Oh,” said Annette. “What’s her name?” She didn’t recall any new girls in any of her classes.        “Gianna,” said Tony.

      “No, not that I recall. Is she a sophomore?”

      “No, she’s a junior,” said Tony, then smirked. “I thought you were a junior.”

      “No.” Annette felt herself blush.

      “You seem so ... mature.” The look he gave her startled her and she quickly looked toward the front of the room, where Mr. Hendrickson was gathering his material to teach the class.

      "Well, has anyone asked you to the prom yet?” asked Tony.

      Startled, Annette stared at him, wide eyed. She didn’t answer.

      He folded his arms and nodded. “Apparently not, I’d say. Well, a pretty girl like you needs to go to the prom, don’t you think?”

      “I ... I don’t ... I can’t ...” Annette hated herself for fumbling her words. How could she say she was going to the prom with Tim when he hadn’t asked her yet? She didn’t want to lie and say she was already going.

      “How would you like to go to prom with me?” Tony asked bluntly.

      “Uh ...” Annette sniffed and turned away. Luckily, it didn’t appear that anyone else in the room had paid attention to their conversation.

      She sighed, then faced Tony. “You don’t even know me,” she said in a low voice. Embarrassed, she picked up her purse and pretended to look for a pencil. How could she tell this stranger that she was expecting to be asked by her boyfriend?

      “I have a car,” said Tony. “I’d like to take you. Will you go with me?”     ........


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