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Permutation, A True UFO Story


Chapter One
Early Encounters


      The shop was trashy. It wasn’t the kind of store you’d want to go into. There was junk lying around and for that matter it didn’t look clean.

      “You really want to go inside there?” Mike asked me.

      “Look, if you won’t take me in, I’ll go by myself.” I stepped out of the car and headed for the shop. I could hear Mike grumbling as he slammed the car door and followed me.

      I really didn’t notice the man inside the shop right away. He sort of blended in with the interior. He was a man who looked to be in his late or mid forties. He had long black hair and a sallow or light brown complexion. He wore light brown, baggy pants and a shirt.

      “Hmph,” Mike grunted as he brushed past me.

      I walked around and wondered to myself, “What am I doing here?”

      Mike walked over to the man in the shop and started talking to him. Apparently the man was busy doing some mathematical equations and Mike was immediately interested.

      “Oh … my … what is it you’re doing there? What are all these equations?”

      The man turned to Mike and said, “It’s not of this world.”

      Overhearing his remark, I slapped my cheek as I thought to myself, “Dear God, a nut!” But when I looked up, the man turned to me. He had huge, saucer-shaped eyes that looked black from where I stood. He looked right at me and he smiled. I knew he had read my mind. Later I would discover that I had met my contact.


      Most my life I lived in Montreal. My mother, father, two sisters, one brother and I lived in a typical Jewish surrounding. At the tender age of 3 my mother decided I should take piano lessons. She remembered a message she had been given on the day I was born:

      That day was June 13, 19__. My mother lay in a hospital labor room in Montreal. The nurses came in and out, but my mother paid no attention. She was in agony -- a young Polish woman far from her home who was getting ready to give birth to her first child.

      Her name was Bella Edelstein. She and her husband Meyer, my father, had been married a year and had immigrated to Canada from Poland. Through her suffering she thought of her homeland and wished she had never come to this country and gotten married. No one had warned her what it would be like. No one had told her there would be so much pain.

      Suddenly, before her eyes, my mother saw an angel appear. She thought it was an angel. It had to be. What else could it be? It was true there were no wings, and yet here in front of her was this magnificent being of light.

      “Bella,” the angel called to her. “Bella, listen to me. I have something to tell you.”

      My mother cringed as she felt another contraction grip her bulging middle. She cried out, this time more from fear than from pain, and when the tightness subsided, the angel held out a glass of orange juice.

      “Here, drink this,” it said to her, “it will make you feel better.”

      My mother somehow believed the angel and accepted the glass of orange juice. As she drank it slowly, she heard the angel speak in an urgent voice.

      “The child you are carrying is very special, Bella. This child will someday be very famous and is indeed a special child.”

      My mother looked into the glass which was now half empty. It certainly felt and tasted like orange juice. She drank the rest. Immediately she felt relief and settled back, closing her eyes. When she looked again, the angel had vanished. The empty orange juice glass was on the table beside her.

      Very soon afterwards, I was born. Meyer and Bella gave me the name Sarah and my mother remembered the angel’s visit and wondered what my life would be like.


      And so, remembering what the angelic being had told her, my mother thought I should have piano lessons as soon as possible. To my mother, playing the piano and becoming an accomplished musician was the height of being famous.

      However, I rejected her plans of making me into a child prodigy. I just wasn’t meant for that. Partially as a result, my childhood was a rather unhappy one. I felt as though I could never find my place. I was never really a part of anything going on around me. The things I participated in consisted more of my standing aside from it all. I remember someone telling me once, “You have the saddest eyes.” It was true. I was unhappy much of the time because I simply wasn’t in my place. I was always searching.

      Because my mother was a very psychic person, I had many things happen to me. For instance, when I was a little girl, I once told my younger sister, “Mary, let’s not walk on the grass.”

      “Why, Sarah? What’s wrong with the grass?”

      “Nothing. Let’s just not walk on it because it hurts the grass if you walk on it.”

      My sister told me, “Don’t say that! People will be very frightened of what you said.”

      I often talked that way. Frequently I would know what was going to happen before it actually happened.

      Once I told my parents they weren’t my real parents. I got smacked good for that and spent the whole day up in my room. I was given no food because of what I had said, and yet I couldn’t help it. I suppose part of it was because of being the firstborn. There was no question that I was a rebellious child.

      Throughout my early childhood I went by my given name -- Sarah. However, I exchanged the name of Sarah for Shirlè when I started going to school. In class, when the teacher would call on Sarah, about seven of us would answer. So one day the teacher put some names on the board and one of them was Shirley. I then went home and asked my parents if I could have that name. Of course they weren’t thrilled about it. But I told them I was going to have that name anyway. Later on in life I changed the name to Shirlè.

      I did well in school. There was always somebody somewhere willing to help me when I got stuck. I always had helpers when there was a problem in arithmetic and math or whatever. Even as a child I was constantly searching for new knowledge.

“Shirlè, you’d better watch it,” my mother told me. “You are getting too smart. You will never get married because if you’re too smart, men aren’t even going to look at you twice.” She was of the Jewish influence that believed men did not want to marry smart girls or smart women. But it didn’t matter to me. I felt I had to know what was going on around me because I felt like a stranger in a strange land.

      When I got to high school, I took a commercial background, against my will, for the simple reason that my mother didn’t want me to starve. At the time I wanted to be a scientist, or an artist … and my mother almost had a fit.

      Once a teacher in my high school sent me home with a letter that said I had so much artistic talent that he thought I should take art lessons. He practically begged my mother to please let me develop my artistic skills. My mother tore up the letter and said, “Never! Artists always starve.” What she didn’t understand was that when the gift is within you, it cannot be knocked out of you. But I went into commercial and graduated, and it did help me later in life, when I had to work in an office to support myself.

      My life actually started to evolve when I met my first husband, who turned out to be my first guide, or so I have been told. I was taking a walk in the country one day, and as I was coming down a hill, there was Hymie Klein, sitting in a boat with his brothers. Later I found out that he told his brothers, “See that girl walking down that hill? That’s the girl I’m going to marry.” They laughed at him and said, “You haven’t even spoken to her yet.”

      When Hyman Klein first began to pursue me, I wanted nothing to do with him -- and the more he tried to pursue me, the more I resisted him -- until, of course, I finally got to know him.

Hymie knew such things! I would love to listen to him talk. I couldn’t believe the many things that he knew. I learned so much from him. Hymie was older than me by a year and a half, but he was so wise. He was my soulmate and he was extremely wise.

      These things were confirmed to me later by my contact, as I will explain. Later I was also to learn that Hymie actually helped to raise my consciousness from the other side. I required a lot of help, believe me, from all aspects. Hymie was in contact with my alien friend. Together they worked on various things.

      After we were married a few short years, Hymie convinced me to go back to school, since I only had a high school degree. By that time we already had two small children, yet he encouraged me to enroll at the university. Of course, my even thinking of going to the university at that time was unheard of in those days. A lot of people made fun of me. Some people spread gossip about my marriage not working, that I was looking for other things. It was all a lack of understanding on their part.

      Hymie even gave me art lessons and instruction in elocution. I performed in plays and, through art lessons, I discovered I had tremendous talent, which was latent due to the fact that my parents never wanted me to be an artist. As a matter of fact, one teacher asked me to move in with her. When I asked her for how long it would be, she said one year. Well, I had no intention of leaving my home, Hymie and the children, so I chose the “long road,” so to speak, and ten years later I did make it as an artist.

      It seems that wherever I’ve gone I’ve been the first at everything. I am always breaking ground. There are certain people who are adaptable at breaking ground, and I think I am one of them. Once I break ground and it’s done, and other people are working on it, then I know that it’s time for me to move on. This goes for everything in my life. So, in addition to being a wife and mother, who is going to college, I had to contend with people around me who disapproved of what I was doing.

      I would leave the dinner and taking care of the kids to my husband while I went to school. Then I would come home and study at night. When exam time came around, I was bothered because I had so much to study for and it was difficult to find the time to get everything done.

But I had help. I hate to admit this, but the only reason I got through the university was because I had a voice inside me, telling me exactly what I needed to study to pass my exams. I would flip the pages because I was told “flip the pages” and I was shown what would be on the exam. This is how I went to school. I didn’t have to study everything. I only studied what they told me I had to study, and that way I found school a lot easier.

      The voice inside of me has always been with me, but when I was at the university the voice became more prominent. I was guided in many instances. Once the voice told me, “Don’t go in there,” like I was being protected from harm, and I would heed the warning. I took it as a natural thing. I didn’t make anything out of it because I wasn’t into the idea that it was something different or unusual. That thought never occurred to me. It was all simply a part of me.

      Once when I was going somewhere to a party with a group of girls, the voice said to me, “Shirlè, stay home.” And then I found out that other things happened. At the time, though, I didn’t attach anything to it. Whatever happened, I didn’t attach any importance to it until much later on. Often instead of the voice I would just get a strong feeling. However, I sometimes have a habit of not listening. If I wouldn’t abide by the feeling, then I would get the voice, for emphasis.

      One night while I was at home studying, I saw two people appear in front of me. They were dressed in wet suit gear, complete with flippers, and they had tanks on their backs. From the very first I associated them with space people, but I don’t know why I did. From all aspects they resembled scuba divers, but somehow I knew they were space people. They both looked at me and one of them said to the other, “Shall we take her?” I could hear the conversation in my head. Then they looked really hard at me and one said, “No, not yet.” And that was it.

      The weird thing is I found myself in bed, facing the other way. In other words, I had started out with my head at the headboard, but suddenly I was turned around with my head at the footboard. One minute I had been studying, and suddenly … what was I doing here? At the time I did not realize that I had had an episode of missing time. Many years later, under hypnotic regression, I was able to relive this experience, which is recorded in detail in a subsequent chapter.

      After that encounter I became more aware. I went searching in all the libraries and second hand bookstores. At that time, either 1958 or 1962, it was very difficult to get UFO books. I really tried. My first literary contact was with George Adamski, and that helped me a great deal.

I would look through the newspaper and when there were some meetings, I would go. I had the chance to meet with some scientists, and I learned that the space people were helping a great deal in the space program. I was very pleased to hear about that. Hymie went with me to these meetings. He took part in everything that I did. He was quite supportive.

      On another occasion, while I was still in college, I had another visitation, this time by a strange lady. I remember I was studying for an exam the next day, and I was thoroughly fed up with everything that was going on in my life. I was fed up because my parents were giving me a difficult time, for one thing. God love them, my parents were hard on me. I realize now why this was so. I was such a sensitive individual. If they had gone along with me all those years, I would have been too sensitive to take the hard road that followed.

      My parents and I just didn’t see eye to eye on anything. If I said it was black, they said it was white. There just wasn’t anything we could congeal in any way. The important thing is I learned from that, and somehow they strengthened me a tremendous amount. I now appreciate that. I realize it was all for my benefit.

      This particular night I was lying in bed, studying, and in walked this strange lady out of nowhere. She came over to me and she said, “Get up.” She had black eyes and was dressed in ancient attire, like from something out of the past, with a bun in the back of her head and old clothes. After she told me to get up, she did an even stranger thing. She climbed into bed with me and cradled me.

      Startled, I could hear the kids in the background, and I said to her, “You’d better get out of here. The kids are going to be frightened if they see you.” I told her this mentally. So she smiled, then she gave me a kiss and simply disappeared. This was apparently another nuance to help me out of a slump.


      In yet another instance, still while I was going to school, I had another psychic experience. I would sometimes see a veil lift, and I would sometimes see a whole landscape from my window, which was totally alien to me. It was so beautiful with the most exotic birds, just out of nowhere. It would lift, and I would see. One night as I lay in bed, again depressed because of the difficulty with my parents and the various other people making me feel like I didn’t belong, I suddenly watched as the ceiling above me disappeared.

      I must have astral traveled. That’s the only way I can explain it. I saw the bluest blue. To this day I cannot describe that shade of blue. I’ve tried so hard in my art to match that color which I saw because it was absolutely the most beautiful blue I’ve ever seen. I have never seen anything like it again. And here was this man, sitting on a podium, and he was putting out a whole bunch of Hebrew letters.

      “That’s right,” he said to me, “you don’t understand anything here. But if you don’t change your life -- like this -- you are going to die.”

      The next thing I knew, I found myself in the living room. How I ended up there instead of my bedroom, I don’t know. Anyway, I walked back to bed, but that dream or whatever was so vivid -- it did change my life. From that point on, I wasn’t that hurt when my parents said things to me. I decided to give them love no matter how they treated me because they didn’t understand me and I didn’t understand them. My life changed after that. I began to evolve.

by Shirlè Klein-Carsh and Ann Carol Ulrich
ISBN 978-0944851-37-1    Paperback $15.00  or ebook $9.95
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