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Eckert, CO 81418


Metaphysical Titles

50 Case Studies in Modern Palmistry


Intimate Abduction (Space Trilogy #1)

Into the Wild Blue and Beyond

The Light Being (Space Trilogy #3)

Permutation, A True UFO Story

Return To Terra (Space Trilogy #2)

Sheri's Sixth Sense

Stranded On Earth, The Story of a

     Roswell Crash Survivor

Throughout All Time, A Cosmic Love Story

We Are Among You Already

Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World

Romance, Mystery

Miscellaneous Titles

Young Adult Titles

The Ground Hog Mystery (AV #6)

In the Shadow of the Tower (AV #5)

The Legend of the Lantern (AV #4)

The Mystery at Hickory Hill (AV #1)

The Pouting Pumpkin Mystery (AV #3)

Prom Night (AV #8)

The Secret of the Green Paint (AV #2)

Spring Break at the Lake House (AV #8)

Children's Fiction

Ancient Secrets in the Garden

BaBa Ali and His Magical Pajamas

The Back Yard of Clara the Clutz


The Root Cellar Mystery

A few of the above titles (colored ORANGE) are not linked to Amazon, but may be purchased directly from the publisher. Please inquire or request further information about anything by emailing